Arkadelphia Bypass


Preferred Alternative

Preferred Alternative

Now that ARDOT has identified a Preferred Alternative, the department has started more detailed design and environmental studies for the Preferred Alternative.

Once those studies are conducted and the design is between 30% and 60% complete, ARDOT will hold a Design Public Hearing to encourage additional comments from citizens, public officials, and public agencies. Send an email to to be included in the contact list and to be notified when a meeting is scheduled.

Following the Design Public Hearing, ARDOT will prepare a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) document for review by the Federal Highway Administration. If approved, the FONSI will identify the Selected Alternative and conclude the National Environmental Policy Act process. The right-of-way acquisition process will then begin as funding is available.

Next Steps (schedule is preliminary and subject to change)

  • Early 2021 – detailed design and environmental studies begin

  • Early 2021 – parcel survey

  • Mid 2021 – design public hearing

  • Late 2021 – FONSI approved